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North Las Vegas is the fastest growing city in the US. The amount of new building over the past years is amazing. From Pecos & the 215 go West to Decatur. All this area is North Las Vegas, including most of the Aliante Master Plan. The street signs for North Las Vegas will be blue. They have their own police & fire department and are a separate city from Las Vegas.

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North Las Vegas

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Living in North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Separate from the City of Las Vegas, and a good distance from the main Strip, North Las Vegas is an area that is ever-expanding, with new businesses popping up everywhere. It’s a thriving community, and a relatively quiet one compared to flashy Las Vegas. Let me tell you more about it.

North Las Vegas has a population of 234,389. It’s located on the outskirts of the City of Las Vegas, but it’s close enough to visit. The median age is 32.2, making it ideal for singles and start-up families. It’s a large resort city that’s close to the Colorado River. The average commute time is 26 minutes, with amenities like grocery stores, libraries, coffee shops, and shopping centers within walking distance.


I find that March, April, and October are the most pleasant months for North Las Vegas., though sharp temperature changes can occur within these months. Spring and fall are rather mild in North Las Vegas, but I would admit that summers can get a bit scorching. However, because it’s so close to the mountains, summer nights are relatively cool. The climate is generally arid, with daytime temperatures averaging sixty degrees with mostly clear skies. During the summertime, maximum temperatures can reach about a hundred degrees. There may be scattered thunderstorms and higher humidity for about two weeks each summer, due to winds being pushed south. On the upside, there are very few cloudy days in North Las Vegas, only about two each month for the whole year. And rainy days? Less than once a month, year-round, making North Las Vegas a definite a sun-worshiper’s haven. Winters are milder, and snow rarely falls.

What it’s like to live here

Residents of North Las Vegas may describe the neighborhood as a welcoming community that is great for raising families. Over the years, I’ve helped a lot of military families find their dream homes in the North Las Vegas area, and they’ve settled in quite nicely. Around downtown, I’ve seen a lot of new and exciting restaurants opened here recently, widening dining options for adventurous diners and foodies.

North Las Vegas is a comfortable place that many find sweet, definitely slower paced and more laid back than life on the Strip. While its general vibe is decidedly different from the City of Las Vegas, many find that North Las Vegas’s location is perfect: conveniently located just outside the borders of the city. What’s more, North Las Vegas has its share of open spaces and public parks, features that residents regularly enjoy.

I’ve observed that considerable effort has been put on the steady development and maintenance of the area, what with the many new commercial complexes being opened here.

Now, compared to other cities in the nation, the cost of living here is 9.9% higher than the average. North Las Vegas is a city where the middle class is definitely growing, though it’s less evident than in most American cities. It’s an area that is highly diverse, and quite liberal. Recently, it’s gained ground as an escape destination from pricier West Coast locations.

The North Las Vegas housing market

North Las Vegas’s median home price is $330,000. Luxury listings are from $500,000 to $1,000,000,000. The North Las Vegas area has become quite popular with wealthy home buyers and business owners looking for a favorable income and inheritance tax climate. It’s also picked up a number of overseas home buyers who have chosen to bypass the more expensive Coastal cities.

North Las Vegas is filled with beautifully maintained private single-detached homes, with few apartment buildings.

When it comes to home appreciation rates, North Las Vegas’s year-on-year appreciation rate is 17.1%, while its five-year appreciation rate is 14.1%.
While home prices in North Las Vegas have increased in recent years, affordable housing is still available. Real estate experts agree that it’s a good time to buy property in North Las Vegas, and I couldn’t agree more.
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