Providence and Centennial Hills

Desert Suburbia

Right smack in the middle of the Mojave Desert lies the Las Vegas Valley where you will find more than just an oasis: it’s a marriage between two stark contrasts. On one hand, this is where you’ll enjoy the finer things in desert living. On the other, you’ll experience a dynamic, almost electric vibe in bold displays of light and color here.

Living in this area gives you the best of both worlds – a promise worth looking forward to should you decide to establish your roots in the Las Vegas Valley, particularly in the communities of Providence and Centennial Hills.



First developed in 2006, Providence is a popular 1,200-acre master-planned community in northwestern Las Vegas. Providence has over 5,000 single-family homes, two multi-family complexes, and a neighborhood commercial center, all of which are located near an already-established network of retail, commercial, academic, and entertainment hubs.

Inspired by the traditional New England-style communities of the northeast, this suburban neighborhood of more than 12,000 residents boasts an interesting variety of features and amenities such as tree-lined streets, community parks, and outdoor walking trails.

Centennial Hills

Flanking the northeast side of Providence is another master-planned northwestern Las Vegas community. It was aptly christened Centennial Hills in 2001 to distinguish its town center from the one in Summerlin and minimize confusion between the two.

Centennial Hills mostly consists of wide-open spaces and boasts a wide selection of real estate properties, such as single-family homes, townhomes, and ranch-style residences.

A family-friendly community, Centennial Hills offers a wide range of amenities for its residents, such as a community library, a YMCA, green spaces, a modern hospital and medical center, and a massive shopping center spanning 900,000 square feet.

What Providence and Centennial Hills Offer

Providence and Centennial Hills are a mere 20-minute drive away from the Las Vegas Strip but despite the proximity, these two neighborhoods still manage to provide a sense of privacy and tranquility to their residents. If you long to come home to a serene sanctuary located in a community where neighbors are warm and friendly but still desire to be near the modern comforts of the city, then you’ll enjoy living in one of these two lovely Las Vegas Valley suburbs.

Houses for sale in Providence, Las Vegas

Arizona-style house design common to the region

Market Climate

Despite Las Vegas – including Providence – taking a hit when COVID-19 made its presence felt last year, the job market here still managed to record an overall increase of about 3.5%. This indicates that the job market in the city remains healthy enough to support its residents. With the area’s residents maintaining their job security and mortgage rates still at record lows, the real estate market here continues to thrive, as well.

Another factor contributing to the strong show of activity in the Providence housing market, as well as in the larger Las Vegas market, is the steady influx of out-of-state buyers during the height of the pandemic. These are mostly composed of young professionals, new families, and military veterans looking to live in larger homes.

Home values in Providence have seen a 24% uptick year on year, whether these are for the standard single-family homes or the more upscale real estate offerings.

Providence offers a wide range of properties to choose from for new residents and those planning to move to the area. For instance, ultra-modern townhouses and luxurious, expansive estates often sit side by side with modest starter homes, lofts, and condominiums.

Apart from the New England style that many vintage Providence homes are known for, other architectural styles such as ranch, Spanish, and Pueblo have risen in popularity in the community. These styles effectively complement the desert setting with their light stucco exteriors, open yet shaded patios, and arched doorways.

Living in Providence, Las Vegas

One of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Nevada’s Clark County, Providence is considered to be among the top 10 master-planned communities in the country. Credit for this distinction goes to the high quality of life that Providence provides its residents. Providence also benefits largely from Las Vegas’ thriving economy, with its residents earning a median household income of more than $88,000 a year.

Providence, Las Vegas is best known for providing its residents with the tranquil charm of suburbia, while at the same time, ensuring their access to the city and its amenities.

A vibrant green spot in the middle of the Nevada desert, Providence is a testament to the wonders of modern engineering: its verdant parks and beautiful trails are made possible through the use of drought-tolerant landscaping that helps protect the area’s natural desert ecosystem.

Community Vibe

Unlike in the city where everything moves at break-neck speed, Providence offers a more leisurely and relaxed pace. Here, one can simply enjoy life as it happens without any worries or stress. This is why it is a preferred home location of many people with diverse tastes and lifestyles whose common desire is to break away from the urban hustle and bustle at the end of every workday.

The shared desire to keep Providence’s lovely small-town vibe gives rise to a tightly-knit sense of community among neighbors. This is why the community organizes some local events to foster camaraderie among residents. Some of these include the anniversary of the community’s establishment and the celebration of Earth Day, to name a few.

In addition, Providence is known as one of Las Vegas’ safest neighborhoods. Residents can rest assured that their families and personal belongings are secure and free from harm. If you plan to raise a family here, You chose the most ideal place to do so.

Neighborhood Fixtures

Woman backpacker hiking at Red Rock Canyon during sunrise

Parks and Trails. Providence is home to Huckleberry Park and Knickerbocker Park. Together, these two parks have approximately 10 miles’ worth of beautifully-maintained walking trails that are common venues for activities like weekend hikes, outdoor exercises, and biking. A third park, The Promenade, is at the center of the whole community from which multiple trails branch out. All three parks are dog-friendly, so you are free to spend quality time under the Nevada sun with your furry friends.

Schools. Since Providence is part of Clark County, public schools in and around the community fall under the Clark County School District, the fifth-largest school district in the country. Many school-age children from the neighborhood go to the following schools:

  • Henry and Evelyn Bozarth Elementary School
  • Edmundo Escobedo Middle School
  • Arbor View High School
  • Centennial High School

Of these, only Bozarth Elementary School is located within the community itself.

Shopping and Dining Options

Because of its proximity to the Centennial corridor, shopping and dining destinations abound in and around Providence, Las Vegas.

Drop by Smith’s Marketplace, a medium-sized department store chain that sells essentials such as clothing, household goods, and food. Fresh produce, as well as natural and organic grocery items, meanwhile, can be bought at the Las Vegas branch of Sprouts Farmers Market.

When it comes to cuisine from different parts of the world, you can count on several local destinations within the vicinity of Providence. Taco Verde whips up classic Mexican dishes. Nittaya’s Little Kitchen serves great-tasting Thai fare. Divine Eatery specializes in All-American favorites. And for a taste of Hawaii, there’s Island Flavor.

Other highly recommended restaurants and diners to visit in the area include Leticia’s Mexican Cocina, Babystacks, Blaze Pizza, Mimi’s Cafe, Firerock Steakhouse, and Red Robin.

Houses for sale in Centennial Hills, Las Vegas

Luxury outdoor pool area

As a recently developed neighborhood in Las Vegas, Centennial Hills prides itself in its selection of more contemporary homes, as well as its proximity to exciting outdoor attractions and venues for recreation. These factors, among many others, make Centennial Hills one of the more popular neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

This master-planned community spanning 12.15 square miles is the destination of choice for many young families and professionals who want a quiet refuge at the end of the day after the hectic stresses in neighboring urban centers like The Strip or Downtown Las Vegas.

Even military personnel and veterans prefer to settle down in Centennial Hills to take advantage of the peace and tranquility that the neighborhood provides – a stark contrast to the rigors of their calling.

Easily accessible via the I-215 and I-95 freeways, Centennial Hills is located just a short distance away from other master-planned communities in the area like Summerlin and Providence. Constant travelers will also be glad to know that the McCarran International Airport is conveniently located just 40 minutes away from Centennial Hills.

Opportunities for Economic Growth

Aside from the peace and quiet, it affords its residents, Centennial Hills’ appeal also lies in its openness to businesses. This characteristic has helped spur the area’s economic progress and development.

The majority of Centennial Hills’ almost 50,000 residents earn a median household income of $67,504, thanks to business and job opportunities in and around the area. Some of the industries that are bringing revenues and job opportunities in Centennial Hills involve retail, tourism, healthcare, and food and beverage. The proximity to Downtown Las Vegas is another distinct advantage that Centennial Hills enjoys.

Market Climate

Just like in the neighboring community of Providence, Centennial Hills boasts a thriving and competitive real estate market.

Home values in the area have been on a steady upward climb, even bucking the negative trend other real estate markets registered at the onset of the pandemic. It is also currently an in-demand market for homes for sale in Nevada, giving home sellers an advantage over buyers. This is why it is not uncommon for homes for sale in Centennial Hills to receive offers from multiple buyers, complete with waived contingencies.

The actual price of home sales here is consistently higher by around 4% than the listing price.

Centennial Hills’ real estate market boasts a diverse housing inventory that includes condominium units, luxury apartments, townhomes, traditional single-family homes, and ranch-style properties. This means that whatever type of home you prefer, you will find it here.

Centennial Hills also provides the advantage of offering sprawling lots that measure up to 2 acres in size, compared to the smaller lots in other master-planned communities. Whether you’re on the lookout for land to convert into ranches or equestrian properties or you simply desire a secluded space that’s a good distance away from the nearest home, Centennial Hills is just the place for you.

Living in Centennial Hills, Las Vegas

Centennial Hills offers its residents the perfect balance of suburban quiet and urban comforts, making it one of the best communities in the entire Clark County.

Both residents and visitors only have nice things to say about Centennial Hills, especially since the neighborhood has a number of standard fixtures and special amenities that make it a joy to live in.

Community Vibe

Centennial Hills, Las Vegas is best known for its laid-back atmosphere, where time almost stops so that residents can truly be in the moment to enjoy the best that this place can offer.

On one hand, the community is where you can be one with nature as it is located near the mountains. You will be blessed 24/7 with amazing mountain views – plus, you have the popular Mount Charleston nearby for exciting adventures from hiking during warmer temperatures to skiing when the mountains get covered with snow.

On the other hand, the community has an impressive variety of entertainment, dining, healthcare, and shopping options to keep Centennial Hills alive and thriving.

Centennial Hills has all the trimmings associated with small-town America but at the same time, its proximity to the urban center that is downtown Las Vegas keeps it throbbing with activity.

Neighborhood Fixtures

Parks and other attractions.Centennial Hills is home to the 120-acre Centennial Hills Park, one of the largest community parks in the Las Vegas Valley. Built over a historic river bed, this park features prehistoric-themed trails and two children’s playgrounds. It also has an amphitheater, a dog park, and soccer and football fields. Centennial Hills Park is also the site of some local community events like outdoor movies and classes for small children – all designed to maintain a sense of community and family-friendliness among its residents.

Other parks and outdoor spaces near Centennial Hills are Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument, known for its rich deposits of prehistoric fossils, and the natural ecosystem of Tule Springs where you’ll find the Floyd Lamb Park, Tule Springs Ranch Historic Site, and Tule Springs Archeological Site.

Aside from visiting Centennial Hills’ parks and outdoor spaces, other activities you can engage in include browsing through the Centennial Hills Library’s massive collection of books and attending their workshops, as well as enrolling in fitness classes at the local YMCA.

Schools. Same as Providence, most students at Centennial Hills attend public schools under the Clark County School District. These include:

  • Sandra Lee Thompson Elementary School
  • J.E. Manch Elementary School
  • Gwendolyn Woolley Elementary School
  • Eileen Conners Elementary School
  • Don Hayden Elementary School
  • Myron Leavitt Middle School
  • Ed Von Tobel Middle School
  • Edmundo Escobedo Middle School
  • Carroll Johnston Middle School
  • Centennial High School
  • Arbor View High School

Other schools in the area include Northwest Career and Technical Academy, and Advanced Technologies Academy Las Vegas.

Shopping and Dining Options

Happy women after shopping

As expected of a Las Vegas neighborhood, there is no shortage of quality shopping, dining, and entertainment options in Centennial Hills. The best part? Most of these are just minutes away from the comfort of your home.

One particularly famous destination is the Centennial Center Shopping Plaza, which boasts around 900,000 square feet of boutiques, department and specialty stores, and restaurants.

For fresh produce and groceries, drop by The Las Vegas Farmers’ Market and Gilcrease Orchard to get your fill of vegetables and fruits from local farms.

As for restaurants in the neighborhood, the most popular ones include Umami, which serves sushi and other Japanese fare; The Standard Tavern, which is known for its classic burgers and other all-American comfort food; Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak, a restaurant within The Mirage Resort Hotel that cooks up some of the most flavorful steaks in this side of Nevada; and Market Grille Cafe, to sate your cravings for Greek and Italian cuisine.

Other recommended food spots within the vicinity of Centennial Hills are Lemongrass & Lime for Thai food and Shucks Tavern & Oyster Bar for crabs, mussels, clams, and other freshly-cooked seafood.


Centennial Hills is fortunate to have a number of top-rated medical institutions in the area, the most prominent of which is Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center. This healthcare facility employs almost 1,000 physicians handling a variety of specialties such as cardiology, radiology, gastroenterology, women’s services, and more.

It’s time you moved to either Providence or Centennial Hills, Las Vegas

Expertly blending suburban serenity with the amenities of urban living, Providence and Centennial Hills are two of the great master-planned communities that you can find in the City of Las Vegas.

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