What is Military Relocation Assistance?

Militar dad and his kids happily sitting on a porch

As a military specialist, I know how difficult it can be for anyone in the military to move. It is stressful for not just the military professional in the family, but everyone else around them. For the person in the military, it means having to be surrounded by people they are meeting for the first time, and things are just as bad for the civilians in the family.

Given how quickly a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) can come for military members, it’s no wonder moving is more stressful for them. People normally have a lot of time to prepare for a move. This is a luxury not afforded to military families. Sometimes they are left with just two weeks to find a new place to live and so they have to always be prepared to make the move.

Given all of this, I’ve seen military families try to make moves that are far more of a financial burden than they should be. While there is lots of support from personal sponsors and command teams, it’s important to know what other resources are available to you.

Relocation Assistance Programs are great for tools for military personnel and their families. These programs can be found on most military installations. They are available to all members of the military and their dependents and can help with relocation.

Here’s a look at what these military relocation assistance programs have to offer;

  • Needs assessment and planning tailored around the personal circumstances and needs of an individual family
  • Extensive automated information on communities around the world, which can be obtained via the Military Installations and Plan My Move Features of the MilitaryOneSource (www.militaryonesource.mil) service. These features provide plenty of information, house directories, employment, education, health and wellness, and family issues available near military installations soldiers may be sent to.
  • Help with developing relocation plans – military members can obtain information specifically related to their situation. They are connected to special programs and offices that can offer the specific assistance they need.
  • Workshops and sessions focused on managing the stress of relocation for everyone in the family, planning a budget for moving, how to buy, sell, or rent a home, how to settle into a new community, and other programs designed to help children and adults alike deal with moving.
  • Special re-entry services and programs for people transitioning from an overseas installation

Consult an RAP specialist to learn more and get the information you need to be able to ask the right questions. It’s through these questions that you can make your way through the relocation process. Be sure to visit the Relocation Assistance Program office at the Family Center in your installation. The staff there will help you to become a smart home shopper. They can answer your questions and help you to get the very best out of a move.

Military Relocation Assistance for Veterans

While all military members can benefit from consulting a military relocation professional, they are particularly beneficial for veterans. Planning that final move after the army is a crucial part of transitioning out of military life.

The information, counseling, and resources you can get from the Relocation Assistance Program are there to help you come out of the relocation process as easy and pain-free as possible.

This final relocation is going to be vastly different from any other military move that you go through. This is the final step out of military life. It comes with added decisions and stress that can potentially affect your life for years. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to consult Relocation Assistance Program specialists in order to make the transition.

Whether you’re moving to your next assignment or making the transition out of military life, be sure to talk to a military relocation professional and get the military relocation assistance available to you. These tools are there for your benefit after all. As a military professional with many years of experience, you can rely on me Loralee Wood for assistance. I will be able to help you get all of the advice and information you need. Call me on 702.419.3212 or send through an email to loralee(dotted)wood(at)cbvegas(dotted)com.