Finding the Perfect Home Rental in Henderson NV

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There are many reasons why people keep coming back to Nevada. You’ll find a wealth of attractions in this wonderful state from the glitzy hotels and casinos of the Las Vegas Strip to the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead. It is also home to some of the country’s most-visited historic sites like the Hoover Dam. The arts and culture scene here is also very much alive and well, thanks to its diverse population, many of whom hail from areas outside the state and country. Moreover, don’t be surprised if you regularly bump into men and women in uniform here. Nevada is also known for its military installations, including Area 51, Creech AFB, and Nellis AFB, among many others.

Given the hustle and bustle of activity in the Silver State, it’s no surprise that the housing market here is among the most sought-after, whether for personal use or for generating income. Among the many preferred areas here is Henderson, a city in the Las Vegas Valley and the second largest in the state.

Henderson’s edge

What makes Henderson special is its winning location. It’s a great jump-off point to any exciting place in the state! Should you want to have a thorough sensory experience of the thrilling Las Vegas Strip, you can be there in less than 30 minutes. If communing with nature is your thing, then around 25 minutes of driving will get you to Lake Mead. And, you can enjoy the many retail and dining options of Downtown Las Vegas after an approximately 25-minute drive from Henderson.

Of course, there are still many places to visit and enjoy here should you want to remain within Henderson’s borders. You’ll find out what this city in Clark County has to offer in succeeding paragraphs.

If you’re eager to move to Nevada but are still undecided on settling here, then finding a home rental in Henderson NV is your best bet. You’ll be amazed at the loveliest selection of homes for rent that are reasonably priced.

Meanwhile, if you’re an investor thinking about the feasibility of putting your money in Henderson NV real estate, then you know you have a worthwhile asset in your hands when you purchase a home here to convert into a rental.

Want to find out more about Henderson NV’s home rentals and the many opportunities that come with living and/or investing in one? Then read on.

Living in Henderson, NV

Henderson NV: An overview

Located 16 miles southeast of Downtown Las Vegas, the City of Henderson goes by the slogan, “A place to call home.” And, judging by the large number (13) of master-planned communities here and the variety of amenities, parks, and other facilities that aim to provide convenience, comfort, and recreation to its more than 330,000 residents, it is, indeed, a wonderful place to call home.

As with the rest of the state, Henderson has the perk of zero state income tax for its residents – whether they’re homeowners or home renters. That said, living here leaves you with more money in your pocket for other necessities and investments.

Since Henderson and the rest of the Las Vegas Valley are part of the Mojave Desert, expect a temperate climate with low humidity and moderate winters. It’s excellent weather for embarking on outdoor explorations all year round without having to worry about your home getting buried in tons of snow. That’s why Henderson is another favorite go-to haven for snowbirds. It’s also one of the places of choice by many retirees and active seniors.

Places to go, things to do in Henderson, NV

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High rolling. As stated earlier, less than 30 minutes is all it takes to reach the Las Vegas Strip from Henderson. Then again, you don’t need to leave city limits to find several top-notch recreation centers to sate your risk-taking thrills. Among these are Sunset Station Hotel and Casino, M Resort Spa Casino, and Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa and Casino.

Flora and fauna. Henderson is rife with many animal-related attractions, as well as occasional sightings of wild horses galloping along the desert sands. Check out the majestic beasts of the Lion Habitat Ranch or the graceful avians of the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. Give in to some chocolate indulgence while visiting the Botanical Cactus Garden of Ethel M Chocolates. Meanwhile, nearby Las Vegas is home to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation – a place of outstanding desert vistas, trails of various difficulties, remarkable natural formations, and various animals that thrive in a desert setting.

Cooling down. Henderson has its own way of dealing with the sweltering Mojave Desert heat – just don your best swimwear and head over to Cowabunga Bay Water Park. But if getting yourself wet isn’t part of your plan, then treat yourself to the ice-cold brews and spirits of Bad Beat Brewing, CraftHhaus Brewery, or the Las Vegas Distillery instead.

Blast from the past. Learn to appreciate the legacy of the men and women who charted Southern Nevada’s history when you go to the Clark County Museum. The museum isn’t an ordinary edifice – it actually consists of several historical structures covering 30 acres of land.

Beyond city limits. In nearby Boulder City, about 15 miles southeast, you can check out Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum and the Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum. The Nevada State Railroad Museum, meanwhile, is in Carson but its excursion train passes on tracks near the Hoover Dam. Las Vegas also has a handful of unique museums, like The Mob Museum which is located downtown.

Schools and universities

You can never go wrong with bringing your family to Henderson, especially since it has been recognized this year for having one of the largest concentrations of schools in Nevada with above-average ratings. Public schools here are under the Clark County School District, the fifth-largest in the whole country. Rest assured, your children will be given top-quality education and a wide array of good schools to choose from in this Nevada city.

PublicSchoolReview.com has this list of top-rated schools in Henderson:

  • Bob Miller Middle School
  • College of Southern Nevada High School South
  • Coral Academy Eastgate
  • Coral Academy Sandy Ridge
  • Coral Academy Windmill
  • Coronado High School
  • Del E. Webb Middle School
  • Elise L. Wolff Elementary School
  • Frank Lamping Elementary School
  • Glen C. Taylor Elementary School
  • Gordon McCaw Elementary School
  • James E. & A. Rae Smalley Elementary School
  • John Vanderburg Elementary School
  • Neil C. Twitchell Elementary School
  • Pinecrest Academy Horizon
  • Pinecrest Academy Inspirada
  • Robert & Sandy Ellis Elementary School
  • Selma F. Bartlett Elementary School
  • Shirley & Bill Wallin Elementary School

For those seeking higher education, Henderson has the College of Southern Nevada – a sister campus of the one in Las Vegas.

The next sections provide information for each of the two segments of the population who will take the most interest in home rentals in Henderson NV – investors and renters.

For property investors

Benefits of buying rental properties

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As with other areas of the country, Henderson is feeling the pinch of a dearth in the local housing inventory. That said, those wanting to move to this city are strongly considering the option of renting. The good news is that given the great way of life here, as well as the economic and career opportunities one can find in Henderson and in the rest of Southern Nevada, there will always be potential tenants looking to move here.

Moreover, a good chunk of these people coming in from other states consists of those assigned to any of the military installations in the area. Many would bring their families in with them and will require a residence with at least one bedroom for the duration of their assignment. Home rentals in Henderson NV are ideal for these military folk, considering the constant requirement for them to move around and Henderson’s proximity to their places of work.

Below are other perks to owning rental property in Henderson:

Extra income. There is money to be earned simply by owning a rental. It can serve as a source of additional income or as a means of attaining financial security even after retirement. A reliable real estate agent with market expertise and savvy of the Henderson NV rental market can provide you with insights on the best communities and properties for your potential home rental, as well as the average rental rates per area. Done right, income from your rental property can cover your insurance, taxes, and even your mortgage.

Continued TLC. A residence that is left vacant for a long time could become vulnerable to problems such as vandalism, trespassing, and squatting. It also becomes prone to pest and maintenance issues that could most likely escalate. If you have a property like this in Henderson, consider renting it out instead. Having tenants living on the property assures you that there’s someone else giving it the TLC it needs even while you’re not around.

Bonus tip: If you, for some reason, are unable to stay in your Henderson property, rent it out instead of putting it on sale. Once your finances improve, you can simply choose to move back in.

Tax breaks. Rental properties usually enjoy the most tax benefits compared to any other kind of investment. Here are some instances where landlords can get their tax deductions:

  • Home office creation
  • Payment for wages of employees or contractors involved in your rental business
  • Insurance costs
  • Rental-related travel costs
  • Property depreciation
  • Repair and maintenance costs
  • Interest on mortgage, repair loans, or rental-related credit card purchases

Opportunities for property appreciation. As with any other real estate investment, a rental property’s value can appreciate over time due to certain developments in the community where it’s situated. Ask your real estate agent to point you to specific neighborhoods of Henderson that are expected to see a rise in property value in the future.

Selling buffer. If you’re planning to sell your home but current market conditions aren’t in your favor, then you can rent out your home in the meantime. You can then choose to sell once the market climate improves. Renting out your property in the interim while waiting for the chance to sell it will provide you with a stable financial buffer.

Portfolio diversification. As another asset, your rental property allows you to diversify your portfolio. This serves as added protection against financial crunches in other investment markets like stocks and foreign exchange.

For home renters

The appeal of renting

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We previously mentioned how not wanting to put down roots in one area can drive one to consider renting more than buying a home. This is especially so for military personnel who are only on temporary assignment in Nevada. Below are other reasons behind the appeal of renting.

More flexibility. You may want to get used to the Henderson area first before making that big purchase. Thus, renting is a good idea. Since Henderson has a wide variety of neighborhoods, each with its distinct vibe, living in some of these neighborhoods but only up to a certain time gives you the chance to weigh your options carefully before finally making the decision to buy a property here.

Renting also gives you the chance to either upsize or downsize your living quarters with more ease. So, whether you want to cut down on costs or to live in a more affluent community, the flexibility of renting can let you do so faster and at a lesser cost.

Fixed rent and no down payment. Although it can change upon notice depending on certain circumstances, the amount of rent to be paid is typically constant for the span of the lease agreement. This protects the tenants from market fluctuations. And while tenants usually pay a security deposit before moving in, which is an advanced rent payment of one to two months, it’s still a smaller cost than the down payment for a property to be bought.

Fewer expenses. Rental spaces are usually smaller, so utility consumption is also consequently lower. Also, in most cases, it is the landlord – not the tenant – who pays for costs such as maintenance, repairs, and tax dues. Renter’s insurance policies are also lower than homeowner’s insurance policies.

More amenities. If you’re a tenant living in a property with various facilities such as gyms, clubhouses, pools, parks, and community centers, you get to enjoy the usage of these said facilities. That’s because homeowners’ association fees are already covered by the landlord.

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February 2022 home rental market figures in Point2Homes.com show an entire spectrum of available rental options in Henderson NV, from studios to units with five bedrooms or more. The highest number of renter-occupied housing units belongs to those with two bedrooms. The average rent price for a single-family home is 3.1k and the vacancy rate for home rentals is 6.3%. The range of homes in Henderson can fit any budget allotment, from a minimum price of 1.2k to as high as almost 25k.

According to RentCafe.com, neighborhoods in Henderson with the most affordable monthly rental rates include Black Mountain, Townsite, Foothills, Valley View, and River Mountain (approximately 1.6k). On the other hand, renting in more affluent communities such as MacDonald Highlands, McCullough Hills, and West Henderson will cost you as much as 1.9k on average.

Finding the most suitable Henderson NV home rentals

Given the wide range of available home rentals, from single-story craftsman homes to spacious 3-bedroom homes with a covered patio and upgraded kitchens, choosing the right one for you could become overwhelming. Getting a real estate agent to help you out in this endeavor can make all the difference. But don’t just choose any agent to guide you. Look for a real estate agent with a proven track record of success and a wealth of expertise in the local rental market to make your life easier.

Have a worry-free real estate journey with a Nevada expert

Whether you’re on the hunt for Henderson NV home rentals or homes for sale, you need not look far. Let me, Loralee Wood, give you a hand. We have more than a thousand featured homes from all over the Las Vegas Valley and beyond in our listings for you to browse. Plus, you can rest assured that you’ll be going through your real estate journey from end to end with the least hassle.

If you’re in active military service, my specialization as a trusted and top-ranking military relocation specialist in Southern Nevada will serve you well as you prepare for your PCS move here. I’ll make your transition as smooth and problem-free as possible.

Whether you intend to rent or buy a home here in Henderson or in surrounding areas, you can rely on me to provide you with insightful and updated information on the Southern Nevada real estate market. Let me represent you in negotiations and I can guarantee to work only in your best interests. Contact me today at 702.419.3212or via email here to get started right away.