Everything you need to know about home inspections

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Why is a home inspection crucial? How much would it cost to have a home inspected? Many Las Vegas home buyers who have found their dream homes find themselves asking these questions.

While it may be tempting for some to speed up the process of buying a house to close the deal on their dream home, getting the home inspected is better for the long run. Below, we answer the most frequently asked questions about home inspections.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is an important step to take for every home buyer. It involves a general visual inspection of a property. It will be inspected by a professional from top to bottom, from roof to basement, and from inside out.

Can a home inspection be done the DIY way?

Many real estate professionals recommend working with a professional home inspector. And it would be best if you’re present during the inspection. This way, you can get a real-time evaluation and assessment as the home inspector goes around the property.

Home inspectors are trained, licensed professionals who can accurately note and document observations as well as give an impartial evaluation based on their findings. They will provide you with the correct information regarding your home’s condition.

What is the scope of a home inspector’s job?

Home inspectors check the home’s accessible interiors in relation to fire safety, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. They also inspect the home’s visible exteriors, which includes the foundation, framing, roofing, exterior walls, garage, and driveway. They’ll take note of the condition of these elements as they see it and include it in their final report.

What is not within the scope of a home inspector’s duties?

A home inspector will not cut open drywalls, look inside pipes, or examine vent systems that are not readily accessible. You’ll need to call specialists for this. It’s the same with any other part of your home, from the roofing to pest inspection.

Bear in mind that most home inspectors are generalists. They can provide you with a general evaluation of the condition of the property. They’re not there to provide an analysis of your home’s condition or give advice on what to do.

For example, a home inspector will be able to tell you if they find a problem with the plumbing. Then, they will most likely recommend you to consult with a plumbing professional to address the issue.

Why is home inspection an important step in the home buying process?

Home inspections are there to protect you and your investment. After a thorough home inspection, you’ll have a clear idea of the actual condition of the home you want to buy. Should there be any defects discovered during the inspection, you’ll be able to see the extent and nature of those defects.

You can use the findings from the home inspection to negotiate with the seller. You may ask for concessions and/or repairs, add or remove contingencies, and even lower the price of the home.

If, after the home inspection, you deem that the home isn’t worth all the extra time and effort, you can also back out of the sale. This, however, is subject to what’s agreed upon in the contract.

How much would a home inspection cost?

The biggest factors that will impact the cost of having a home inspection would be its location and its size. According to HomeAdvisor, the general range of a basic home inspection would be about $279-399. The average cost is $338, with a national average of $350. It should be noted that this figure may vary depending on the type of house being inspected. Below is a table of estimates based on the type of home to be inspected.

Type of Home Home inspection cost
Homes between 1,000-2,000 square feet $315
Homes over 2,000 square feet $400
Condominium unit with less than 1,000 square feet $200
Mobile home (single-wide) $250
Veteran Affairs (VA) home $340
Newly constructed home $400

Are home inspections and home appraisals the same?

They’re not. An inspection is a general visual assessment of a property’s condition. On the other hand, an appraisal is an assessment of a home’s estimated market value.

Home appraisals can cost anywhere between $300-$600. To help you save, ask your agent if they can recommend a trusted contractor that provides home inspection and appraisal bundles.

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