Yana & Paul Hanel (Retired AF)

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My husband and I are very happy that Loralee was our agent in the process of selling our house. We purchased it in the seller’s market and sold it in the buyer’s market. Instead of using referrals from coworkers or acquaintances, I did some research on zillow.com and contacted four top realtors (based on ratings, personal information, experience, as well as the number and the quality of client reviews). All of them returned my phone calls. We conducted interviews at our house and decided to work with Loralee as our real estate agent. I thought her lively personality, extremely positive attitude, quick responsiveness, vast knowledge of the Las Vegas housing market, experience of working with military families in complex situations, etc. would help us sell the house in a timely manner. We did sell the house at the best price we could get in the buyer’s market. Loralee used a variety of marketing tactics to get to the goal, provided a feedback for pretty much every client who viewed our house, and came up with suggestions as to what to do next when we needed her advice. After we signed the sale contract everything including the due diligence process, inspection, appraisal and other things related to the house sale went extremely smoothly. Not only does Loralee have a solid knowledge of the area and multi-year experience in the real estate market, but also strong work ethics which in my opinion is very important in representing you as a client and dealing with other agents. From a variety of perspectives, we were very pleased and happy to have her as our agent.

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6725 Gallowgate Ct, North Las Vegas, NV 89084