What Should You Look Out for During a Virtual Home Tour?

Virtual Hometour - Loralee Wood | Las Vegas Homes For Sale

Are you looking at homes for sale in Las Vegas? Buying a house while serving in the military may mean that you can’t visit the city to take a look at the available property. If so, then doing a virtual home tour can be an important step in the process of buying a house. I’d be more than happy to take you on a virtual tour of a house you’re keen on, but there are some key things that you should keep in mind.


A home’s exterior is very important, since it’s the first thing that people will see. I can check the landscaping to make sure that it’s well kept. If there are any outbuildings like a shed or detached garage, I can also do a virtual walkthrough with you to make sure that these structures are in good shape and will not be in need of major repairs. I’ll show you exterior features like fences, gates, and sprinklers so you can see the condition they’re in. In addition, you can ask to take a close look at the foundation so you can check for large cracks.


Sometimes it can be hard to spot rotten trim or damaged floors or windows if you’re only seeing a house through video. I can look at the trim closely and tell you whether or not it’s up to par. Once inside, I can walk up and down the stairs and stride the length of all of the floors to make sure that there are no loose floorboards or audible creaking when you step on them. I’ll also let you know if I see extensive surface damage or a lot of stains.


You should definitely know if the house has undergone major repairs like roof replacements. Replacing an aging roof costs a lot, so many roof repairs have warranties of up to 10 years. Ask me how old the roof is, and if its warranty is transferable. If you decide to make an offer, then major repairs will have a big impact on the amount that you put forward.

Light and noise

Having natural light in your home is very important, so I’ll draw the curtains open to show you the amount of light that gets in the room.

If you’re looking forward to peace and quiet, you’ll want to buy a house far away from a freeway or any main road. If you happen to choose a house that’s near a busy street, you can glean from the video how audible the traffic noise is. If you’re not sure, ask me. Find out whether the loud ambient noises are permanent (a freeway) or temporary (ongoing road works). You can also inquire about other potential annoyances, such as planes constantly flying overhead, or excessive barking from a neighbor’s dogs.

Noticeable odors

The prospective property that you’re looking at may be near a factory or in an area that emits unwanted odors. I’ll let you know if there are. How does the house smell like upon entering? A musty odor may indicate that the house has been vacant and hasn’t been aired in a while. Or that there’s mold or water damage. Did the former owners smoke or keep pets? This doesn’t necessarily tie on with how the house smells like, but if you discover unwanted odors after you move in, a former owners’ habits and interests may provide a clue.

Appliances and outlets

Focus on appliances. Are they new-ish or outmoded? We can also find out from the owners if there are any dead outlets that need fixing before you move in. Remember that the condition of the house and its contents can be negotiating points on the asking price.

Ask: ‘Is there anything else that I should see?’

This catchall question will ensure that you’ve covered all of the important details during your virtual tour. The tour should have covered everything – the outdoor space, balconies, and so on.

If you’re buying a condo, I can do a walkthrough of common areas and amenities. Think about whether the features fulfill your expectations and meet your needs.

It can be hard to buy a house in Las Vegas from a remote location. That’s why you’ll need an expert on military home buying to accompany you during your virtual tour.

I’m here to help. Contact me, Loralee Wood, at 702.419.3212 or loralee(dotted)wood(at)cbvegas(dotted)com to arrange your next virtual tour of homes for sale in Las Vegas. I’ve been in the business for close to 20 years and pride myself in being the #1 Military Relocation Specialist in the area.