UNLV: A top school for veterans

Are you planning on going back to school after serving in the military? Or have you recently left the service and are now scouting for good universities? Well, don’t forget to include the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in your list of prospective schools.

According to the Military Times, UNLV is one of the top schools for veterans. Last year, it ranked 33rd in the national ranking for four-year institutions— a massive jump from their place in 2017 (62nd).

In the survey, the Military Times used federal data to take a good look at the culture, student support (including policies and financial aid), and academic quality of each university on their list. It turned out that UNLV fared well in their criteria.

It’s all because of the work of UNLV’s Military and Veteran Services Center, which opened in 2009 with the sole aim of helping veterans and military members on active duty to get a college education. To date, the center has helped over 1,800 military members pursue higher learning.

If Military Times’ ranking is not enough, UNLV was also recognized by GIJOBS.com as a Top 15% “Veteran-friendly” University for four consecutive years.

Has UNLV piqued your interest? Continue reading to learn more about UNLV, including their programs and scholarships.

Programs and initiatives

Through UNLV’s Military and Veteran Services Center, you can enjoy the benefits of the following:

  • Residency:Student veterans who were “honorably” discharged will be given Nevada residency within two years of their separation from the service.
  • Priority registration:Veterans are given priority for the payment of their housing allowance.
  • Rebel Women Wets: At UNLV, female student veterans can get the support and community they need to thrive.
  • Green Zone Initiative (GZI):GZI is all about helping veterans re-integrate themselves back to the community. Through GZI, you can find employment, start your own business, avail health and wellness services, and finish your education in Nevada.
  • Veteran Career Fair:If you’re looking for part-time or full-time employment, the Veteran Career Fair set up by the UNLV Career Services and Military and Veteran Services Center is the place to be. The first one launched in 2013, with 88 employers in attendance and several workshops held throughout the day.
  • Yellow Ribbon Program: UNLV’s Military and Veteran Services Center can help you avail the benefits granted under the Yellow Ribbon federal program. This includes financial grants so you can see to your other educational expenses that are not covered by the VA Education Benefits.

Scholarships for veterans and service members

There are over 20 scholarship programs established for service members and veterans, not to mention scholarships for dependents and minorities. These include the following:

For your dependents, scholarship programs include the following:

  • Children’s Scholarship Fund: You can send your children to the school of your choice (as long as it is legally operating) through the Children’s Scholarship Fund. To be eligible, the child must be in elementary school in the year the scholarship is awarded. He should also meet the income requirements.
  • Heroes’ Legacy Scholarship: This is open for unmarried dependents under 23 years whose parent/s have fallen, died, or became disabled in their military service.
  • NMFA Spouse Scholarships: If you have a spouse and would like him or her to adapt even more to the lifestyle, the NMFA Spouse Scholarships will help them do just that. Aside from helping them pay through school with scholarships, NMFA can also help them pay for licensure and even set up their own business.

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