5 New restaurants in Las Vegas you need to try

Pizza, soup, and salad dining and wine to drink

One does not simply run out of places to eat in Las Vegas. Here are six restaurants in the city that people just can’t get enough of.

  1. La Monja
    Fergusons Downtown
    1028 Fremont St Suite 195, Las Vegas, NV
    Open Tuesdays through Saturdays

    Dining at La Monja is like going on an extensive tour of Mexico—you’ll get to try great food from different parts of the country, updated with some Las Vegas zest.

    The menu consists of a wide variety of entrees featuring chicken, beef, and pork, but the real scene stealer is the coastal food. Treat yourself to grilled octopus drizzled with peanut-chilli sauce and served with chicharrones and local spinach. Their mahi tacos with cabbage, crema, arbol salsa, and tomatillo pico are also mouth-watering. There are also oysters and seafood ceviches on offer.

    Up at the bar, try their five versions of margarita, order a glass of Old Fashioned (La Monja style), or down shots of tequila or mezcal of your choice. Draft beer and wine are also available.

  2. Ambra Italian Kitchen + Bar
    MGM Grand
    3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
    Open all days of the week

    MGM Grand recently revamped their on-site restaurant. After the complete reboot, it is now known as Ambra Italian Kitchen + Bar.

    Big meals great for sharing is what this new Italian eatery is all about, which makes Ambra Italian Kitchen + Bar great for get-togethers and celebrations. Of course, if you want to dine alone, we won’t judge. After all, who can resist their house-made pastas and their cocktails (which you can get from the speakeasy).

    The food isn’t the only thing to rave about. The interiors of Ambra Italian Kitchen + Bar definitely enhance the dining experience. Said to have been inspired by Milan at dusk, the restaurant is enveloped in rich and warm tones, bathed by a soft golden glow emanating from the bar.

  3. Every Grain
    1430 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
    Open Tuesdays through Saturdays

    Created by Sheridan Su, the mind behind Flock and Fowl and Fat Choy comes Every Grain. Inspired by the saying “eat every grain of rice,” every component of the dishes that come out of the kitchen here is meant to be enjoyed.

    At Every Grain, it’s all about Chinese food the way the restaurant owners’ forebears made them. So, you get simple ingredients lovingly prepared and cooked. The rice noodles are the stars of the show, with the lou rou fan or braised minced pork hogging most of the spotlight. There’s also the Every Grain Bowl, a vegetarian-friendly offering that consists of maitake, kale, roasted broccoli, tofu, cashews, and rice.

    Every Grain’s tagline is “somebody’s favorite rice bar,” and it might very well be yours.

  4. Arts District Craft and Kitchen
    1510 S Main St. Ste. 120, Las Vegas, NV
    Open all days of the week

    “Good times with great friends” is what Arts District Craft and Kitchen is all about. There is no main cuisine on offer. Instead, the menu features all the different kinds of food people love to eat, no matter the mood, no matter the weather.

    Created by the folks behind 595 Craft & Kitchen, the restaurant is actually an homage to the street food vendors who have been satisfying our cravings with quick and delicious bites. The mishmash menu features craft burger (and its vegan counterpart), fried chicken sandwich, BBQ pork banh mi, jumbo wings, fish tacos, salsa and chips, nachos, and grilled cheese with fries, among many others.

    As for drinks, Arts District Craft and Kitchen is taken care of by Able Baker Brewing Company. There is a wide variety of craft beer available on tap, such as their Honey Dip Stout and their “Double Barrel” brown ale, which has 14.4 percent ABV.

  5. Sixth+Mill Ristorante, Pizzeria, and Bar
    Grand Canal Shoppes
    3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
    Open all days of the week

    If you want a more focused Italian culinary experience, check out Sixth+Mill, brought to us by chef Angelo Auriana and Matteo Ferdinandi. These two food lovers from Ristorante Italiano and The Factory Kitchen came together to let diners taste the best of Southern Italian cuisine, along with a couple of other childhood favorites.

    Here, you can enjoy a Neapolitan-style pizza, a great selection of homemade fresh pasta, not to mention cocktails, meat and poultry, and seafood (check the Las Vegas menu here).

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